Discipleship | Lesson 9 | Devotion 2

I Thessalonians 5:17 Pray without ceasing.

There may not be a more simple or clear cut command than this verse. When this was written, the idea of a continual conversation with someone would have never even been considered. Today, through social media, cell phones, email, and more, it is quite easy for us to carry on a continual conversation with someone we care about. Thankfully, we don’t need any technology to carry on a conversation with our Saviour. In fact, our conversation with Christ may just get better without technology!

We can talk to God at any moment and on any day! How can we choose to carry on a continual conversation with God? Do you ever have things that you wish you could tell someone, but it seems like they would never understand? Those are the things you can bring to God. You can whisper a prayer for wisdom as you are walking into a meeting. You can ask God for peace in the midst of an unpeaceful situation. You could ask for hope during moments of hopelessness. Whatever you need and whenever you need it, you can bring before God.

It is simple to stay in conversation with someone throughout the day. Sometimes, it is easier to stay in contact with a person than it is to stay in contact with a God who we cannot see. What if you began to make a practice of praying over everything that you do throughout the day. What if you prayed over every appointment, every meal, every task, or duty. Our days are filled with these insignificant moments. As we pray over them, could it be that we are creating a continual conversation with God? Could it be that by praying over everything we are actually allowing God to help us through everything?