The Light of the Word of God

Discipleship | Lesson 1 | Devotion 4

In life, many people choose what is called a career path. Sometimes this deals with a dream job that they want to get to or a promotion they would like to see occur. Whatever the case may, there are necessary steps you take to move along your career path. Some of those steps deal with college or training or associations or how you present yourself. Each step is important to going further down the career path.

Bible Study Brings Success

Discipleship | Lesson 1 | Devotion 3

The world around us constantly chases success. We often define success by money, power, or fame, but the Bible only uses the word success once and it is in Joshua 1:8. The verse teaches that our success is not found in our bank account, how many people we oversee, or how popular we might be. Rather, true succes comes from our relationship to the Word of God. This verse gives three relationships to the Word of God that will help us judge our success.

The Timeless Truth of God’s Word

Discipleship | Lesson 1 | Devotion 2

Having a copy of the Word of God in our language is a privilege that we can take for granted. God took careful steps to ensure that His Word would endure forever. One of the great things about the Word of God enduring forever is that we can take it and share it. This is the same Word of God that was used to preach the Gospel to you!

The Good and the Bad Is For Me

Discipleship | Lesson 1 | Devotion 1

In the last lesson, we spent some time on that first phrase of 2 Timothy 3:16 discovering that the Word of God was inspired by God. One of the greatest discoveries of understanding the Word of God is inspired by God is found in the rest of verse sixteen and seventeen.

According to this verse, the divine inspiration of God makes the Bible a book that is profitable for us to learn doctrine, for us to be reproved, for us to be corrected, and for us to learn righteousness. Sometimes the Word of God shows us something that is enjoyable. Consider these promises that will encourage you:

The Impact of the Next Step

What a wonderful day God gave us last Sunday on Next Step Sunday. It is a joy to see Christians taking the next step in their spiritual journey. As we close out our Next Step Series, we want to look at the most exciting aspect of taking the next step. What is the result of following Jesus whole-heartedly? What will this change in your life? What impact will taking the next step have on you and on our church?