Discipleship | Lesson 8 | Devotion 1

I Peter 2:2 As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby:

In today’s culture, we have become very good at daily disciplines. Our lives revolve around doing certain things on a daily basis. We have calendars, to-do lists, and technology reminding us of what we should do every single day. These are great tools that help us get the job done, and many find great satisfaction in checking something off a list!

While there are some things that we must be reminded of on a daily basis, there are some things that we should do by instinct. Most of us, do not need a reminder to bathe or clean ourselves. if you do need to be reminded of this, you may need something a little more than this discipleship course. We don’t need to be reminded to brush our teeth or to tie our shoes because we have made these necessary parts of the day. We definitely do not need to be reminded to eat. If we were honest, some of us need to be reminded not to eat! Sustaining ourselves is a natural instinct that is built within our body. If we get so busy that we have not eaten, our body and our brain send us reminders like a stomach growl or even something more serious. Our bodies were never meant to operate without the daily discipline of eating.

Just as your body, needs physical food to survive, your spiritual body needs physical food to survive! There are many Christians who are spiritually malnourished. It is easy to turn Bible study into a daily discipline or something that you just check off of a to-do list, but what if it became an instinct? What if it became a necessity of life? What if your spiritual survival depended upon it? According to the verse, our spiritual survival does depend on it. Just as a newborn desires to be fed and will give you signs that it needs to be fed, we should have a desire to enjoy the word and feast on it. We should want to grow on the milk of the Word so that we can move on to enjoy the meat of the Word.

Some would argue that they are just too busy to get into God’s Word. They may have too much going on that day or too busy of a schedule to get into God’s Word. Just as you would with the instinct of eating, you should with your spiritual food. You are too busy not to get into God’s Word each day. There is so much going on in day that you need God’s Word to speak to you. Once we make this paradigm shift that we are too overwhelmed not to meet with God, we will begin to see God take us from the milk of the Word to the meet of the Word. This week, don’t just check your Bible study off a list, take time to be fed a wonderful and sustaining meal from God’s Word.