Discipleship | Lesson 11 | Devotion 1

James 1:17 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.

One of the greatest aspect of stewardship is an understanding of the goodness of God. We must understand that God is the giver of everything in our lives. He provides finances, a job, health, and much more. He knows when to drop a blessing into our lives just as He knows when to drop a trial into our lives.

Dr. John Bishop is the founder of “God Is So Good” Ministries and a beloved guest speaker here in our church. The basis of the ministry is Bro. Bishop’s personal testimony. In the early years of Bro. Bishop’s ministry, he contracted a rare form of meningitis. The disease caused him to lose all of his memory, ability to walk, and even his ability to communicate. As he began to regain some of these functions and preach his message to Christians was simple – God is so good!

Stewardship can be frowned upon and even mocked by Christians and the lost who see the principles of stewardship as a financial scheme or a way to get people to do more work. At the root of stewardship is one simple belief – a good God gives to and it is my job to give back to Him.

Today’s devotion is simple. Ask yourself, how do I really feel about what God has given me? How do I feel about the things that God has not given me? Take the time today to thank God for what He has placed in your hand. The gifts that God has given you according to James 1:17 are good and they are perfect. Following this devotion, would you take the time to meditate upon all the goodness that God has shown you. Maybe even consider writing some down. God is truly a good God, sometimes we just fail to notice it.