Showing other the love of Christ.


Here We Go


A few years ago we had a ribbon cutting ceremony to open our new building. We had been in a construction phase for nearly two years, and now we were moving to an operation phase. There was so much excitement among our people. It seemed like I was cutting a ribbon to start a race or turning a switch to start a large machine. In my mind I was thinking, “Here we go.” There were so many possibilities to use this space to do more for Christ.

In Mark 16, the disciples were at an obvious transition in their lives. They had sat at the feet of Jesus and now they were receiving instruction from the Lord Himself. They were commissioned by Him to tell the world the Gospel message before His ascension back to Heaven. Now it is time for them to go to work! This was a defining moment in their lives. No doubt they were thinking, “Well, here we go.”


Mark 16:20 says, “And they went forth, and preached every where….” The disciples literally turned the world upside down with the Gospel. These men quickly reproduced themselves and the church began to multiply into hundreds of thousands of people in a few short months. People were saved from lives of sin. Homes were restored. Men like Timothy and Titus were called to preach. The Gospel spread like wildfire. There was tremendous momentum and excitement as they preached and sinners were changed.


This passage says they “preached everywhere.” The Bible indicates that the whole world heard the Gospel during the time the disciples walked the earth. We start in our own city and work our way into all the world at the same time (Acts 1:8). This is the Bible plan. We are to go from house to house, spreading the glorious news of salvation. We should work at not missing one soul!


Mark 16:20 continues saying, “…the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following. Amen.” God promised to help them carry out this task. He confirmed their words with signs! The disciples were endowed with amazing gifts. I want to call attention to the fact that God worked with those who went forth and preached the Gospel! This was a holy cooperation between our Lord and a born again Christian who is filled with the Spirit of God Almighty. When you and I take the Gospel and say, “Here we go,” we are inviting the Lord to cooperate with us with mighty power to see souls saved and lives changed! Christians need to get excited about the power of God to save souls. This is the job of the church, and He has promised to help us.

It is time for the church to say, “Here we go.” We have sat around long enough. It is time we go forth and preach the Gospel everywhere. It’s an exciting job! There is much area to cover, but God has promised His power. So here we go Sunday school teachers. Here we go staff. Here we go choir. Here we go deacons. Here we go church family! Let’s reach the world for Christ!

Creativity in Soulwinning

Sharing the gospel is a very controversial topic to most churchgoers. Most Christians would agree that we are to share the love of Christ. The controversy comes from the very few who actually do it. Curtis Hutson once said, “The only alternative to soul-winning is disobedience.” When we compare this quote to the Word of God, it is absolutely correct. How many Christians live in disobedience simply because they do not share their faith?

I realize that everyone cannot attend the organized outreach times we have on Thursday night and Saturday morning. We all have busy schedules. Sometimes we have this misconception that if we are not knocking on doors, we are not soulwinning. You can still reach out if you cannot make it for an organized outreach time.

Our leadership team has strategically ordered our calendar to be outreach focused. You are the key to the growth of this church. I know this may come as a shock to you, but it is true. This church cannot thrive simply off of the contacts made by the staff. We are counting on you!

Here are some ways you can get people to the church:

Burst the Bubble

Relationships- people crave a relationship. Facebook and every other social networking company has made millions by meeting this simple need. When did the church becomefor Christians only? Is that why Jesus established the church? No, the church is a hospital for the hurting. In my experience, I have found that you can talk to just about anybody as long as the topic is right. Politics may not be the best conversation starter. There are people looking for a relationship. Be the friend who introduces them to the greatest relationship of all. Be warned though, this may be out of your comfort zone!

Use Home Field Advantage

In any sport, playing at home is a pretty significant advantage. Let’s be honest when you stand on someone’s front porch, you are at their mercy. You pray their home field advantage does not include a shotgun or a pit bull.

As Christians, we have a home field advantage too. It is within the walls of where you live. Use your home and hospitality to your advantage. Invite your neighbors and friends from work to your home for a some great food and some fun. Use this time to give an unsaved person a glimpse inside of
a saved person’s life. As the host, the guests have to listen to what you say so close the night with an invitation to one of our outreach events like Easter Sunday or Sportsman Day. Some people who may never darken the door of a church will come and eat your food and open their hearts.

See a Need; Take the Lead

Tragedies strike families and individuals every day. From the richest man in a mansion to the bum on the streets, every one has problems. Some people do not have a church to turn to in these times of trouble. You can be an encouragement to people when they need it the most. This is not only a personal touch, but it is a great example to your kids about loving others. Pay for the person behind you in the drive-thru line and leave a tract. Take a pie to your neighbors. There are endless possibilities and ways that you can show God’s love to people. Demonstrating the love of God with action, will open doors for you to be a witness.

Don’t read in to this article and think that if you take someone a cake, you are the master soulwinner. You can still knock on doors and spread the Word about our church at an organized outreach time. Here is the point: you are not off the hook with God because you work until 6:00 p.m. on Thursday. You are called to be a light, and some lights shine differently than others!

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