Discipleship | Lesson 10 | Devotion 2

Philippians 3:10 That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death.

Have you ever gotten to know someone and their relationship with you gave you the desire to serve them? On the other hand, you may have gotten to someone, and your relationship caused you to not want to be around them and serve them. There are all those people in our lives that we would do anything for. For some, it may be a child or a parent. For others, there is a friend that they love so dearly that they would do anything to help them. We all have somebody that our relationship with them has given us the desire to serve them in any way possible.

Many Christians see service as a requirement of the Christian life. The truth is, your service does not start once you find the right “job” or once you get involved in a good church. Your service begins as an outpouring of your love for God. In the verse you just read, Paul’s desire for the Christians at Philippi were that they would know God more. He didn’t ask that they get involved in ministry or begin serving their community more. The desire was simple – get to know God better.

Throughout Scripture, there are people who got to know God on a very intimate level. In each of these instances, these people could not help, but do more for God as a result of their knowledge of God. They served because of their relationship.

Too many Christians fail to serve Christ in the church because of a disagreement or a schedule conflict not realizing that their service is a picture of their love for Christ. Your service does not begin with convenience. Sometimes it does not even begin with a need. True Christian service begins with a heart to serve the One who saved you, and that’s pretty easy to do!