Discipleship | Lesson 13 | Devotion 1

Acts 17:11-12

11 These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.

12 Therefore many of them believed; also of honourable women which were Greeks, and of men, not a few.

Throughout this curriculum, you have seen and heard much Scripture. We wanted it this way! We desired that the focus of this program be on God’s Word. Despite our desire to instill the Word of God into every Christian, we cannot build a desire for the Word of God into every Christian.

You’ve now completed thirteen lessons of study focused on  the Word of God, but only you can answer the question of what you will do with God’s Word? In the verses above, we see that the Christians in Berea were known for their study of the Word of God. Let’s look at three different aspects of these verses and see how we can answer the question:

The Reception

Much can be determined about a person in how they handle the reception of good news or bad news. Just as much can be determined about how someone handles good news and bad news, much can be determined by how a Christian receives the Word of God. Paul praised the church of Thessalonica in 1 Thessalonians 2:13 for receiving the written word of God as the actual word of the Lord. A Christian who scoffs at the preaching of the Word of God or the teaching of the Word of God has not handled the Word of God correctly. The Bible shows that the Christians at Berea were hungry for God’s Word to be given to them. When we are physically hungry, we receive whatever is handed to us for our sustenance. When we become spiritually starved, we should not ignore the sustenance of the Word of God. As a Christian and devoted follower of Jesus Christ, we must always stay close to the Word of God. Take the time now to evaluate your reception of the Word of God.

The Search

Not only did the Christians of Berea receive the Word of God with hungry hearts, but they also searched the Scriptures according to what had been spoken and taught. Sometimes, it is simply not enough to just hear the Word of God. There have been many evil things done in the name of religion and Christianity because people never studied God’s Word out for themselves. As a Christian, it is not enough to sit in church and nod your head if you have no Biblical knowledge to agree. A preacher may say, “The blood covers our sin.” It is the job of every Christian to search the Scripture if those things are so! When was the last time you became so hungry for God’s Word that you searched until you found answers. When have you searched the pages of the Bible to discover a truth for yourself? The Bible does not want you to follow blindly. God has given you His Word and His Spirit to lead and guide you to the truth. Are you searching the BIble for truth?

The Result

Anytime the Word of God is given a platform, there is an opportunity for people to come to Jesus Christ. Notice the result of their reception and their search in verse twelve. As you become receptive to the Word of God and you begin to search the Scriptures daily, there will be results! Some of these results will be in your own life. Some of these results will be in the lives of others. No matter what the results, they will be founded in belief and faith. For you, your belief and faith in Jesus Christ will be strengthened as a result. For others, they may begin to see their lack of belief in Jesus Christ. You could be responsible for seeing someone brought to Jesus Christ as a result of your study.
So at the close of these thirteen weeks, let’s evaluate what will you do with the Word of God? Will you receive it as the Word of God? Will you search the Scriptures to determine truth? Will you see the God-sized results that occur in your life because of your study of God’s Word?